All students are required to pay admission fee and other dues at the time of admission in accordance with the laid down policy. After the admission the tuition fee and other dues shall be charged on monthly/ bimonthly basis for 12 months.

  1. The payment of dues is made either by the guardians of the students or the students themselves on the prescribed dates.
  2. At the end of every month the tuition fee is submitted and similarly before the beginning of new academic year.
  3. The parents are required to deposit the promotion fee along with the tuition fee in advance due on them.
  4. All fees are submitted at the accounts office.
  5. The parents are specially requested to discuss fee/ admission dues with the accountant there at the accounts office without taking the problems to the Principal’s office.
  6. Special fee relief is given to siblings studying at the institute.
  7. Fee not submitted in time shall increase with the imposition of fine per day.
  8. Failure in paying the dues for three consecutive months will be followed by
  9. a) Withholding of the progress report.
  10. b) Expulsion of the student from the Institute.
  11. c) Using legal options for recovery of fee.  
  12. The institute has no refund policy once the dues are paid.
  13. Admission fee and four months tuition fee should be submitted in advanced at the time of admission.