Admission Rules

Prospectus and admission form can be obtained from the college office, after the declaration of annual results.

  1. Application for admission must be submitted on the original printed form attached to the prospectus. Photocopy of the admission form shall not be accepted.
  2. Application for admission, complete in all respect, is to be submitted to the college office on or before the notified date during office hours.
  3. Merit list will be displayed on the notice – board of the college, within 24 hours of the test.
  4. Short – listed applicants must register themselves in the college office and get the date for interview.
  5. Applicants along with their parents/ guardian must appear for interview on the specified date. Those, who fail to appear for interview, shall not be considered for admission.
  6. To confirm the admission, the successful applicants must make all the required payments to the college within two working days from the day of interview, failing which their admission shall be considered cancelled.
  7. The applicants must make sure that their course selection is correct. Students shall not be allowed to change their faculty or subjects two weeks after the commencement of classes.
  8. Admission granted to the student of any class/ section shall be final.
  9. Successful applicants and their parents/ legal guardian shall give written undertaking to the college that any breach of the disciplinary rules by the applicants would lead to their expulsion from the college without any prior warning or notice.